This unique experience is perfect for those teams, and those leaders, who won't settle for average in their lives and in their work. 

They know that all teams go through distinct stages of development and that each stage has it's own unique challenges.  They also know that each of those challenges can be overcome.

Who's it for?

  • New teams will build the strong foundations of respect and trust that are critical for any team that wants to reach the highest levels of performance
  • Teams struggling with internal conflict will learn how to handle that conflict in a constructive and respectful way so that everyone is heard and all points of view taken into consideration
  • Strong and cohesive teams will learn how to empower individuals to think and act independently with the best interests of the team in mind
  • High-Performing teams will enjoy time away in a different environment where they can rest, recharge and review what they've achieved - as well as celebrate!

What's it all about?

Value Model Graphic.png

Norming: The team emerges from the storms with a new level of cohesion but that can drive conflict-avoidance (or groupthink) which will cause teams to go off the rails quickly.

Performing: This is where high-performance teams live.  Autonomous in their actions and decisions, each member takes responsibility for their decisions and conflict, when it arises, is constructive and leads to an even better outcome.

Out-Performing:  This is the realm of the truly elite teams - the 1% - and not all will make it to this stage or stay there for long.  But, for those that do, the rewards are life-changing.

Forming: As everyone comes together to learn about the task at hand and understand their role in it, cohesion and productivity are low while morale is often high.  This phase can take weeks or even months.

Storming:  Tensions emerge and morale can plummet as strong personalities clash over the preferred way of working together - minor issues can quickly escalate to major dramas and many teams perish here.


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Real World Experience

The Elite Teamwork Program is a unique blend of the latest academic thinking on high-performance teamwork combined with realistic high-octane scenarios using in a state-of-the-art Urban Combat Facility. 

All learning is facilitated by a former Special Forces operator with real-world experience of leading high-performing teams both on the front lines and in the corporate world.

Gear Up

From the moment your team arrives they’re transported to the high-speed, low-drag world of the Special Forces soldier.

They’ll be issued with the latest in laser tag equipment that looks and feels just like the equipment used by the world’s elite Special Forces before moving to the training range to learn how to handle their weapons safely and effectively on the missions that lie ahead.



Mission Possible

Through expertly facilitated discussions and workshops your team will learn what it takes to perform as a cohesive team before heading downrange on a series of tactical scenarios to put those lessons into practice. 

A structured and constructive debriefing after every mission will draw out key points and identify ways in which those lessons could be applied in the workplace.



Is it safe? 

The weapons use an invisible Infra Red laser beam which operates at eye-safe levels.  You'll be instructed on normal safety precautions prior to using them and staff will be on-hand during all activities to make sure that all participants enjoy a safe and positive learning experience.

I’m not that fit – can I still take part?

The activities are designed for participation by anyone with a basic level of fitness and mobility. There are no stairs in the facility and no heavy lifting required however if you have any doubts as to your ability to participate in mild physical exertion then we advise that you contact your GP for advice.  Drinking water will be available throughout the activity.

Is this some sort of bootcamp with screaming, shouting and pushups?


This is a blend of classroom presentations, group discussions and practical teamwork exercises in an adult learning environment.  You will be treated with dignity and compassion at all times however you are ultimately responsible for your experience.  If you find yourself in a situation you perceive as beyond your physical or emotional ability to cope then you are fully empowered to remove yourself and ask for support.

I’m not that keen on guns – can I take part?

IR laser tag weapons - which use only a light beam and cannot shoot a projectile of any kind - are, in essence, little more than a laser pointer with a trigger and a sight system constructed so as to closely replicate a real firearm.  Due to the nature of the team exercises they are an integral part of the experience however if you would prefer not to handle them then contact us to explore how we could accomodate this.