The Level Up Leadership Program

Leadership can be a lonely journey.

As a leader there are tough conversations that have to take place, big decisions that have to be made and clear guidance to be given to team members. The pressure to be right, to appear decisive and in control is a constant companion - even when you don’t know what to do.

As supportive as your boss and your peer managers can be, there will always come a time when you need independent, unbiased advice from outside the politics of the workplace.

That’s what the Level Up Program is for.


Group Mentoring For Leaders

Join a carefully selected group of like-minded people who won't settle for average in their life or their career.

If you're an intrepid leader who believes that they're only just scratching the surface of what they're capable of then this unique mentoring program is for you.

You'll join a small group of leaders on a 6-month journey of discovery and development that will see your confidence, conviction and impact as a leader grow exponentially.  Each group contains no more than 12 people, each carefully selected for their commitment to growth and their ability to make a positive contribution to the group dynamic.

We use the "flipped classroom" approach where lessons are delivered remotely via webinar (and yes, they're recorded so you can go back and revisit them as often as you like) and then, when we come together as a group, the emphasis is on putting those lessons into practice, sharing experiences and learning from each other. Private one-on-one sessions every month allow you to get focussed on what's important for you and a private on-line forum allows the group to post goals, share achievements, celebrate success and provide support long after the program is over. 

The program includes:

  • Monthly webinars that explore and develop the critical skills, knowledge and attributes of a leader

  • A monthly closed-door group breakfast where no challenge or problem is off-limits

  • Regular monthly 1-on-1 mentoring either in person or online

  • "Speed-dial support" for short and sharp advice on burning issues

  • Curated on-line forum for goal setting, progress tracking and accountability



The cost for the 6 month program is $3,000 (plus GST)

Enquire about instalment options.


Next Steps:

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