Who Are we?

The Muster is a tribe of intrepid leaders who relish the challenge, and privilege, of leading outstanding teams that do work that matters.

We’ve seen, first hand, the magic that happens when capable and committed people collaborate to solve problems and drive progress - and we’re committed to being the catalyst for it to happen more often.

What do we do?

As leaders, we recognise that our role is more than just achieving results.  As the custodian of our team culture we must strive to imbue our team with a strong sense of shared identity counterbalanced by individual self-awareness and humility.   We embrace the challenge that accompanies these three, at times conflicting, demands and accept that it’s neither simple nor easy.  In saying this, we’re committed to learning both from our own mistakes and the experience of others who have gone before us.

The Muster is a place for us to share those experiences and so become the leaders our people, our organisations and our communities both need and deserve.

Is it for me?

The ethos of the Muster is simple:

  • Humour - the ultimate force multiplier in the face of adversity 

  • Humility - our achievements do not define us, our actions do

  • Self-discipline - we are the masters of our thoughts and take ownership of our actions

  • Relentless pursuit of excellence - we set, model and enforce the highest standards 

If this sounds like you, join us. I’d love you to be part of it.

Next Muster: 22 May 2019, Melbourne CBD

Building trust in a high-performing team

Conflict turns up daily – in one form or another – in every organisation and any team that wants to build a high-performance culture needs to learn how to harness it and use it to help them drive progress.

The reality is that it’s an inevitable part of human interaction but it doesn’t have to be a destructive force.  It can create too.  It can stimulate passion, fuel collaboration and drive growth, but only when that force is channelled and harnessed by a leader who's comfortable in the midst of tension.  Creating the conditions for this constructive conflict is one of the greatest challenges any leader will face and how they deal with it will fundamentally affect their credibility in the eyes of their team.

We’ll be talking about:

  • Why conflict is critical for a high-performing team

  • How to recognise the line between constructive and destructive conflict

  • The role of the leader in making conflict constructive

  • What to do when you’ve hit DEFCON 5 and it’s all-out war

  • Looking after yourself in a corporate conflict zone

When: Wednesday 22nd May at 6pm

Where: Kelvin Club, Melbourne Place (off Russell St), Melbourne

Cost: Free

Register: Click here to go to our Eventbrite page

Sponsored by Hays Recruitment

Sponsored by Hays Recruitment