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What Impression Are Your Staff Making?

As readers of my previous post will know, I was on holiday last week and it was two weeks of utter relaxation.  I flew back into Melbourne last Sunday and headed off to find our taxi.  Picture two parents with two large bags and a pram holding a less-than-happy child waiting for the lift.  The lift arrives and the doors open, as do the cargo area doors at the far end of the lift whereupon a security guard enters, holds up his hand in the style so beloved of traffic policemen everywhere and orders us to “just wait”.  I think to myself that perhaps he missed “Dealing With The Public (Who Pay My Wages) Skills 101”.

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Your Words Become Your Actions

I overheard an interesting conversation on the train a few days ago. I don’t normally eavesdrop private conversations on public transport, however on that day my headphones were buried deep in my bag and this girl had a particularly penetrating voice. Then she made a startling proclamation that stopped my attempts to ignore her – I simply had to know more! 

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