Get The Edge!

Proven Principles To Sharpen The Competitive Edge

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No business can afford to stand still. Being good is no longer good enough – that’s just the price of entry into the market – and a business that’s great is soon going to be yesterday’s market leader as the competition catches up. Keeping the competitive edge means the relentless pursuit of excellence - every single day.

For the SAS this is a way of life and now you can learn the secrets that continue to give them the edge over their competition.

Let Adam show you how to:

  • Stand out - for all the right reasons - by thinking big picture yet focusing on the little things
  • Make quantum leaps in performance by challenging convention and daring to think differently
  • Develop the mental resilience to keep going when times are tough and turn adversity into opportunity


Leadership Under Fire

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This is not a drill.  There are no second chances.  No time outs.  No “infinite lives” cheat code.  Just you and your team under fire, over a barrel or simply under the pump and they’re looking to you for leadership.  Now is not the time to appear decisive.  Now is the time to be decisive.

The problem isn’t always a lack of information; sometimes you’ll have more than you can possibly handle but the challenge remains the same – to make the best possible decision with the information and time available and then deal with the consequences.

In this presentation Adam uses hard-hitting real-life stories, told with his irrepressible sense of humour, to help you prepare for the day when business is anything but usual.  Topics include:

  • Making crucial decisions when every second counts
  • Keeping the team focussed on the objective
  • Contagious confidence - how great leaders radiate courage

Map, Compass & Mindset

The Keys To Survival On The Corporate Battlefield


Whether you’re leading a team into battle or through an economic downturn, the fundamental challenges that leaders face are the same - they must find a way to turn their peoples fear, uncertainty and doubt into courage, determination and confidence whilst achieving the objective.

Leaders need to know where they are, where they’re going and how they’re going to get there; sometimes they’ll need to make tough decisions and they’ll need the inner strength to keep going and inspire their people even when they themselves feel totally spent.

Adam shows leaders at every level how to stand up, step up and inspire their teams to go the extra mile, overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Learn from the SAS how to create leaders who:

  • Inspire confidence in their people
  • Tap into their inner reserves of strength and resilience to go always a little further
  • Do what's right, even when it's not what's easy