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As a leader trying to navigate the disruption, chaos and change that are the hallmarks of today’s business environment, success is ultimately measured by the actions, and results, of your team.

No matter how much time, money and energy you invested in leadership team off-sites and strategic planning workshops, when it comes to results - execution is everything.

I blend the latest in academic thinking with years of experience leading high-performing teams in Special Forces and in the corporate world to help intrepid leaders create outstanding teams that they can rely on; teams that take ownership of problems, find ways to overcome them and deliver results, not excuses.

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Elite Teamwork

Discover what it takes to build, maintain and lead a team that dares to take on the biggest challenges and achieve outstanding results



Help your people make good decisions under pressure, communicate their plan effectively and inspire those around them to perform



Whether it's a corporate restructure, a crisis or a difficult day at the office, prepare your people and your organisation to push through adversity



A Corporate Commando

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Adam’s career is, to the casual observer, a typical story of a young man climbing the corporate ladder in the IT sector.

What's not so typical, however, is that alongside his successful corporate career he served for 18 years as a highly-trained Special Forces soldier, first in the British Army's elite SAS Reserve and then as a Commando in the Australian Army deploying and leading teams on combat operations and training exercises around the world including Bosnia, Afghanistan and Tibet where he managed the logistics of the British Army's successful ascent in 2000.

Reflecting on his training as a parachutist, paramedic, demolitionist, climber, linguist and close combat specialist, he doesn't believe that these really did that much for his corporate career. The leadership training and development that he experienced, on the other hand, was some of the best available in the world and the lessons he learnt whilst leading teams in some of the most arduous and volatile conditions on earth enabled him to build teams in the corporate world that gathered a reputation for taking on the biggest challenges of the day - and coming out on top.  

Adam credits much of his success in the disruption and complexity of today's corporate environment to what he learnt in the military about making sound decisions, providing clear direction and inspiring peak performance.






If you're looking for an antidote to cliched motivational speeches then this may be what you're looking for.  Adam interweaves his lessons on leadership, resilience and teamwork with stories that put you right in the heart of the action.


Professional development sessions for every level of management in an organisation - from the most recently appointed team leaders to the most experienced executives looking for ways to generate seismic shifts in growth.


When you want to bring people together to unite them, explore ideas and find a solution to the biggest problems you're facing then it helps to have someone neutral in the room who makes sure that everyone's ideas get heard.

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Adam walks the talk, providing companies and their people with an injection of that elusive “can do, will do, want to” attitude. If you are seeking to change things up, inspire your people to go always a little further, your search is truly over
— Keith W
If you are serious about leadership and you really want the best out of you and the people around you, I would highly recommend Adam to your organisation
— Marc P, IBM



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